We have a network of branches and company associates across the country. The company Head-quarters are at Delhi, Regional Offices at Mumbai and Bangalore and 40+ branches at major locations across India, supported by a 1000+ workforce.


The company has a strong, modern and well maintained owned fleet of more than 600 vehicles. The salient features of our fleet –

  • Compliant as per CMVR Norms and RTO Rules.
  • National Permit, Insurance, Fitness Certificate and other Statutory Compliances are 100% Complete.
  • Fleet Average Age of between 4-5 years, serviced by AMCs and Genuine spare parts at our company workshop.
  • Regular Tyre checks to ensure tyre depth and condition as per the norms.
  • Investments in BS6 and CNG Vehicles for environment protection and pollution reduction.

Vehicle Workshop

The company has setup a huge Workshop at Gurgaon & Manesar, covering an area of more than 10+ Acre. The workshop is services by a team of electrical, mechanical and machining workmen who are well-trained to address any vehicle repairs, and hold a Spares Inventory of more than 2000 SKUs. We also have workshops at Bhiwandi and Bangalore to meet our regional requirements.

Advanced Tyre Management

The workshop manages our stock of Tyres and has advanced electronic machines for automated tyre alignment, replacement and RFID Tire Track facilities.

Training & Development

Regular T&D sessions are taken for drivers, supervisors and employees as per their workplace demands. Special emphasis is given to training for On-Site and In-Transit Safety, PPE, Difficult Conditions Driving, Loading & Dunnage Techniques, HAZ Goods and various other modules.

Medical Treatment

Our drivers and on-field workforce are entitled to regular medical checkups and covered under Health and Life Insurance Policies for safety and health.

GPS & Tracking

All our vehicles are GPS enabled with Geofencing, Cloud SaaS, GPS, Analytics and alerts. The GPS can be integrated with customers Tracking systems using APIs. Hired vehicles can be tracked using phone Tracking software.

24x7 Logistics Control Tower

We have developed in-house LCT to meet the requirement of our Customers and to manage contingencies.


We have developed a cloud based ERP for smooth operations. The company has developed phone Android Apps for mobile operation and on-site deployment.


World Class Support